What is Crypto STO

Work culture

We give space for our employees to balance their work life and personal life. With our outstanding outcome, you can easily raise your funds within a short time period.

Success story

One of our developed projects raise the 1 million funds within 24 hours. From the starting, we helps many startups and investors to reach their goal.


Token develop delivers their all projects on time and offers without any bugs. With our experts, we provide quality outcomes to fulfill your requirements.

Security token offering
How it works

Our business flow roadmap

November 2017
Crypto STO
Platform idea
January 2018
Technical & strategy
May 2018
STO Realease Live Now
August 2018
Listing Token
On Live CryptoExchange
November 2018
Software development kit
for integrations
December 2018
Mobile apps for
iOS & Android

Technology Stack

Board members

Our CEO Board

CEO Capital Limited
Ali Omer
Ali Omer
Cryptonet Speaker
Steve Good
Steve Good
Team Lead Advisor
PR Media & Marketing

Our Successful PR Media & Marketing

3640000 Token in 24 hours
2000000 Token in 72 hours
9400000 Token in 1 week
10000000 Token in 5 days
250000000 Token in 10 days
5000000 Token in 7 days


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  • English - +41 315281718
  • Spanish - 91 290 89 59
  • info@tokendevelop.com
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