What is a STO

The STO is a token issued with blockchain technology just like ICO, but represents digitalized conventional values. Turning 'capital' into a technology that can be programmed with enforceable rules through a smart contract; offering financial rights to investors, such as shares, profit dividends, income sharing, voting, etc.

Introduce an another way of increasing profits to your business:

Introduction of the STO appears to be a simple way to raise funds safely and in a short time. At Token Develop, a high-quality security token is designed, supporting your entire process with highly qualified specialists. This will give it unique advantages over its competition, including:

- Provides high liquidity to investors.
- Democratizes the fundraising process for entrepreneurs.
- Allows collaboration in a tokenization project with companies that do not use blockchain in their development.
- Includes investors from around the world to participate and trade in projects from anywhere.
- Provides the possibility of a global agreement on project regulations.

Security token offering
How does it work

STO Features

At Token Develop we customize each project with STO to suit the features and needs of the most demanding business module.

STO Features

Transparency: Blockchain technology allows all parties involved in the project to have full access and get all the updates on the development point of process.

Wallet: : During the development of the token we provide a high security digital wallet to store your tokens. Each wallet will have legal requirements and each investor will have the rights to dispose their tokens.

Global Investor Participation: Our token can be marketed in all countries, complying with all established security measures.

Own Blockchain: Security tokens are developed by your own block chain, giving you total control. So you don't have to worry about protocol changes and gas prices.

Without Intermediaries: No intermediary is needed between the company and investors, thus eliminating the cost of commission to the intermediary.

SEC Compliance: The features of the security tokens comply with the SEC (security and Exchange Commission).

Security token offering in Switzerland
Security token offering services

STO Benefits

Automated Dividends: The investment shall be automatically transferred to the investor's portfolio. The digital wallet is secured with blockchain technology and elliptical curve cryptography.

Right to Benefit Sharing: You can dispose of your money in the form of tokens deposited directly in the investor's digital wallet.

Voting Rights: As shareholders, the owners of the STOs have the same rights to vote and make a decision in the company.

Repurchase Rates: The company buys the shares from the investors at the marketplace and giving the part of the ownership assurance distributed to the investors.

STO technology: The company purchases the shares of the investors in the market and provides the part of the guarantee of property distributed to the investors.

We list your token in exchange houses

We list your token in exchange houses.

We list token in the desired exchange houses helping to access more customers around the world.

Security token offering services in Switzerland

Token Equity

It will create an equitable opportunity for all shareholders in terms of voting and dividends.

Debt Token

You can easily increase your funds by issuing security tokens with a return system that attracts investors.

Token Asset

They have intrinsic value, being transferable between reward programs and being able to be purchased and sold at the crypto Exchanges. These tokens will never expire because of their design.

Steps to create your STO

Steps to create your STO

Step 1: Choose The Type Of Token

Before starting the creation of your STO, you must choose the type of token development which is best suited for your project.

Step 2: Creation Of The Manual

This manual will define the entire investment process, covering all related business models, finance data and work equipment for the next 2 years.

Step 3: Token Development

Develop the token on an Ethereum platform or on your own blockchain.

Step 4: Implement Smart Contract

Make legal compliance agreements and other points of interest in the project that link several parties under the condition of a smart contract.

Step 5: Creating The Investor Report

This section includes all KYC/AML. This helps to make the development of the STO viable.

Step 6: Creating Dashboard For The Owner

The dashboard gives the owner the power to control the reports, movements, quantities and data of the value of the token being developed.

Step 7: Country Selection

A careful selection of the country where the token will be launched is made to ensure its success.

Step 8: Marketing

As marketing play an important role, a careful study of the strategy should be made to obtain the best result of the development of the project.

Step 9: We List The Token

We include your cryptomoneda in the best-known exchange websites. This action opens endless number of possibilities for the commercialization of the new STO.

Why Develop it with Blockchain?

Why Develop it with Blockchain?

Decentralized application to have complete control of your business.

With the help of blockchain technology, Token Develop guarantee the security of all the project information. Using decentralized applications and the registration of data in chains of blocks, all of the companies and entities that carry out projects with Token Develop are guaranteed to have the absolute control of all their data.

  • Secured Transactions
  • Total Integration
  • Reliable Network
  • No Intermediaries
  • No system failures
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STO development services

AltCoin Creation

Make your crytoneda ready at an Exchange.

Today, many business people are creating altcoin to ensure their business future. Apart from bitcoin, each coin is known as altcoin. Token develop is one of the top blockchain development companies and is also famous for building a new altcoin. We include all advanced features based on the client's preferred algorithm. Create your custom altcoin such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and other altcoins. We have a team of experts to turn your idea of creating cryptographic coins into reality.

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Our CEO Board

Manuel Garcia

Manuel has worked for European finance companies for the last 20 years of his life.

Ali Omer
Ali Omer
CEO TokenSuite

He have been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2013. Omer is one of the first to adopt and found TokenSuite.I have also founded TokenDrops.com and BountySuite.com.

Steve Good
Steve Good
Financial Expert

He is a financial expert with extensive experience in all aspects of accounting, tax, auditing, control, financial management and consulting. Direct experience with US GAAP and IFRS / IAS rules. Its objective is to continue managing a proactive team in a dynamic environment in their companies.

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From the past few years, many business peoples are creating the STO(security token offering) for their business. Token develop helps to create a STO with more customization add-ons. We are the experts in the security token development. Token develop now move forward to the up coming STO business modules which are high demanded in future. Our main objective is delivering high quality STO which is perfectly suited for your business requirements. We have a more than 100 happy clients in globally. Token develop is one of the largest software development company, we have a hands on experience is custom based software development. Our tech team is always ready to answer your queries about security token development and their features. Feel free to contact us at any time.
Security token offering the clever idea to raise your funds and achieve your goal in a short time. Basically, STO gives the strong security for your business process. With the blockchain technology, we can easily build our custom based STO. Token develop is the experts to create a custom based STO with affordable price value. Before you choose your STO development company, think twice and start your work.
Security token
This is suited for securities Utility token
This gives its holders the access to services provided by the project
Payment token
This type of token has their own blockchain and this will be considered as a mean of payment.
Tokenisation is the process of converting any type of assets into digital token on a blockchain.
Everything today considered as by applicable laws as a security. So STO has a great potential to reach the high level in the Cryptocurrency marketplace. Our main objective is to satisfied our customers fully. We give 24*7 support to our customers.
Token develop is have more than 5 years of experience in security token development(STO). We provide your project at a correct time. Token develop provides the complete software solution with agile methodology.


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