What is Crypto STO

Right now, the STO space is little dicey. So, many peoples are giving more interest in STO development. Compared with STO, STO can give high security and create a unique brand name for your project.
The most common type of security token is the Ethereum ERC20. Security tokens are a virtual and digital currency, giving liquidity to startups and investors.


Security token offering (STO) is a simple way to raise your funds in a short time. Based on the blockchain technology, security token offering helps to raise funds to your projects and create more share value in a marketplace.

Blockchain technology is also known as a distributed system, which allows us to transact and stored our information in a secured manner. The blockchain is used to create a more trust in a financial system.

Based on the blockchain technology, Token develop offers the complete solutions to create a security token with high-security features. Token develop to build the custom based security token with high scalable features.

Security token offering
How it works

Security token offering features

Token develop offers the all advanced features and benefits in Security token offering which is suited for every size of business modules.

Benefits of security token offering

Automated dividends: The investment will be automatically transferred into investor’s wallet. The digital wallet is secured with blockchain technology and elliptic curve cryptography.

Profit sharing right: You can share your money in the form of tokens, by directly depositing into the investor’s digital wallet.

Voting rights: As shareholders, the security token holders have the equal rights to vote and take a decision of the company.

Buyback rights: The company buys the shares from the investors at the marketplace and giving the part of the ownership assurance distributed to the investors.

STO technology: The blockchain with Ethereum ERC20 tokens is programmable and smart contracts, which is used to build a security token with advanced features. Token develop creates the customized blockchain STO based on your business requirements.

Security token offering in Switzerland
Security token offering services

Security token offering features

Transparency: Blockchain technology is made visibility for all transactions that helps to Cryptocurrency market under the review of the government regulations. All the blockchain transactions are automated. That will helps to raise your funds in a cost-effective way.

Wallet: At the token develop, we develop a wallet to store your tokens with high-security features. Every wallet must have the legal requirement and every investor must have the rights to reclaim their lost tokens.

Worldwide investor participation: Our token can be traded in every corner of the state and borders and we must include a security law in our new tokens. Token develop will overcome the all trading problems when the token is trading worldwide.

Own blockchain: The security tokens are developed by your own blockchain, thereby full control to you. So you don’t worry about protocol changes and gas prices.

No middleman: There are no middleman between the company and investors. So you can reduce the cost of commission for the middleman.

SEC complaint: Security tokens are fully compliant with SEC (security and exchange commission).

Programmable equity: The digital assets allow you to ta

We list your Token in any exchange

We list your Token in any exchange

We are here to display your coin/token in the desired exchange sites helping your business attract more clients from all around the world

Security token offering services in Switzerland

Equity token

Equity token will create an equal opportunity to all token holders like your normal stockholders in term of voting and dividend.

Debt token

Based on the debt token, you can easily raise your funds by issuing security tokens with a payback system to attract all your investors.

Reserve assets tokens

Reserve asset token development is suite for real-world trading business likes gold and real-estate. Build your STO with us and run your business globally.

Steps to create your STO

Steps to create your STO

Step 1: Choose the token type

Before you start your STO development, you choose which type of token development is suite for your business and requirements.

Step 2: Creating a manual

Create a well-defined manual for your investment process, which is covered by all your business models, financial information and team members for the next 2 years.

Step 3: Develop a token

Develop a token on an Ethereum platform or your own blockchain.

Step 4: Embed with smart contract

Every investor is considered as stockholders, so you are answerable for all of them and provides the legal pay. And also all your token issuance is submitted to the government authority.

Step 5: Dashboard creation (investors)

In the dashboard, we include all KYC/AML. This is an easy way for successful STO business.

Step 6: Dashboard creation (Owner)

Owner dashboard helps to audit all reports, token movement, size, and value. So you can easily audit all the above information via owner dashboard.

Step 7: Choose the right country

Select the perfect country to develop your token. Research well before you choose the county.

Step 8: Do marketing

Marketing is the play the big role of every business. Choose well-planned marketing strategies and make a high profit.

Based on your business wish, you have to choose the right country to develop your token. Research well before you choose the county.

Step 9: We List your Tokens

We can help you to list your new cryptocurrency in exchange websites. We are the best in coin listing and token listing so you can easily catch your clients with this listing process.

Developed with blockchain

Developed with blockchain

Decentralized application to run your business in a better way

Token develop builds the decentralized application to run your business in a better way. Dapp(decentralized application) is basically developed on the blockchain network that gives more security and safety for your informations. Every single entity have their own control so no one can track or hack your details without your permission. We have a separate team to develop a Dapp to transmit your information with more securely
Token develop is the best choice for those who transform your centralized network into the decentralized application

  • Secured transaction
  • Seamless integration
  • Trusted network
  • No third party
  • No system failures
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STO development services

AltCoin Creation

Token develop offers world-class altcoin creation to safeguard your business future.

Nowadays many business peoples are creating altcoin to secure their business future. Apart from the bitcoin, every coin is known as altcoin. Altcoin creation is not a cake walk. Token develop is one of the best blockchain development company and also famous for building a new altcoin. We include all advanced features based on the client's preferred algorithm. Create your custom altcoin like Bitcoin, Litecoin and other altcoins. We have an experts to convert your crypto coin creation idea into reality.

Basically, an altcoin gives the huge benefits for startups, entrepreneurs and business peoples. We provide a complete support for those who are eagerly waiting to create a new altcoin.

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Our Developed Projects

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From the past few years, many business peoples are creating the STO(security token offering) for their business. Token develop helps to create a STO with more customization add-ons. We are the experts in the security token development. Token develop now move forward to the up coming STO business modules which are high demanded in future. Our main objective is delivering high quality STO which is perfectly suited for your business requirements. We have a more than 100 happy clients in globally. Token develop is one of the largest software development company, we have a hands on experience is custom based software development. Our tech team is always ready to answer your queries about security token development and their features. Feel free to contact us at any time.
Security token offering the clever idea to raise your funds and achieve your goal in a short time. Basically, STO gives the strong security for your business process. With the blockchain technology, we can easily build our custom based STO. Token develop is the experts to create a custom based STO with affordable price value. Before you choose your STO development company, think twice and start your work.
Security token
This is suited for securities Utility token
This gives its holders the access to services provided by the project
Payment token
This type of token has their own blockchain and this will be considered as a mean of payment.
Tokenisation is the process of converting any type of assets into digital token on a blockchain.
Everything today considered as by applicable laws as a security. So STO has a great potential to reach the high level in the Cryptocurrency marketplace. Our main objective is to satisfied our customers fully. We give 24*7 support to our customers.
Token develop is have more than 5 years of experience in security token development(STO). We provide your project at a correct time. Token develop provides the complete software solution with agile methodology.


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